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Gig review: The Chats spark chaos in San Fran

“Bowl cut or mullet, sir?”

“Yeah nah cobba just give uz both.”

That’s probably not how the conversation between The Chats lead singer Eamon Sandwith and his barber went but it gives you a little idea about the sheer Australia-ness of the bassist/vocalist. It helps that this look was combined with their breakthrough single Smoko, which went viral thanks to a combination of Sandwith’s ginger bowl/mullet and the homemade feel of the music video.

With over eight million views on YouTube it’s fairly safe to say that it was the song that launched the band’s career. They’ve just come off a successful UK run of dates and launched straight into these shows in an impressive show of stamina that proves this trio are more than just lucky kids who struck gold with one hit.

The Chats blasted their way through their back catalogue that includes an album and a few EPs. Old fans would recognise a few classics in there, new fans were given vivid descriptions of their content by the hyped-up Josh Price – who finished the show with drummer Matt Boggis singing about how good VB is.

The Chats San Fran Wellington Live review

If you come to one of these shows you want to experience a few select things: chaos, alcohol, bad language and being able to forget about everything else for an hour. This is the Queensland band’s strength and they’ll deliver this every single time.

The Chats choose the term shed rock to describe their punk of three-man, high energy, low-brow punk rock but it would fit more broadly along the pub rock genre that was pioneered by AC/DC, refined by Airborne and given a new lease of life by DZ Deathrays.

Time will tell if they’re able to continue this success but the way follow-up songs Pub Feed and Identity Theft were received should ensure the band always have a base among those who want to plug in, zone out and have a bloody good time without thinking too much.