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Ghost fishing clean up at Oriental Bay

Volunteer scuba divers, free divers and shore crew are invited to lend a hand on Sunday 24 June to help clean up the wall at Oriental Bay beach (past the old Band Rotunda, opposite house 328).

The clean up is the latest event in Wellington from Ghost Fishing NZ, part of a global initiative to remove debris from marine areas.

Lost nets, long lines, fish traps or other means of catching fish or marine organisms are considered capable of “ghost fishing” when unattended, degrading the undersea environments and the marine life that inhabits them.

If you want to participate as part of the shore crew, you will need to make sure you bring a pair of gardening gloves, wear fully covered shoes and be prepared to get dirty.

It’s a family friendly event and observers are also welcome to watch the divers in action, and see what they pull up from the ocean floor.

The team from the Island Bay Marine Education Centre will also be on site to display the creatures retrieved from the wall, and talk about what they and Ghost Fishing NZ do.

Registrations start from 9.00am on Sunday 24 June for the clean up from 10.00am to 2.00pm.