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Get in quick to hack for charity next weekend

At time of writing, only 14 spaces remain for volunteer registrations at the second annual impactNPO Wellington Charity Hackathon weekend.

The weekend of 13-15 July is the second chance for volunteers to give back to the community by providing IT solutions to local non-profits.

Non-profit organisations often have many IT challenges, and the weekend offers a chance to provide valuable collaborative help while meeting new people from different companies or industries, make contacts, or just learning something new.

The charities that will be helped at the event will be announced shortly.

The Wellington Charity Hackathon will be held at BizDojo, 115 Tory Street, who are sponsoring the venue through the Collider Programme. Clean-tech investment company emhTrade are sponsoring  food for the weekend.

The hackathon starts on Friday 13 July from 6:00pm with networking, charity introductions, and team formation, and then group solution hacking runs 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Volunteers are asked to bring open minds, smiles and computer/laptops and other requisite tech gear.

Organisers impactNPO are IT professionals and designers for charity

Their mission is “Harnessing ingenuity for good” by facilitating connections between charities and individuals intent on enhancing their impact on the world. They coordinate and support hackathons for charities, but their larger mission is to help individuals and organisations to run their own events in their own communities.

For more information leading up to the weekend, follow impactNPO on Facebook or at their website:

Register at Eventbrite.