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Free shoes for Active Families participants

Fifty children and adults will be receiving free shoes this Christmas to assist them with their health and fitness journey.

Round the Bays Wellington – Photo: Ari Bakker / Flickr

Shoe Clinic and Sport Wellington have joined forces to provide families involved in Sport Wellington’s Green Prescription Active Families programme with shoes to help support their participation in Brendan Foot Supersite Round the Bays on 17 February.

Fittings took place in the Porirua Shoe Clinic store. The shoes available for gifting to families have either been swapped or returned by the original purchaser for another pair as part of the Shoe Clinic’s 30-day return policy or, are past season’s models.

“Sport Wellington aims to reduce barriers some families are faced with preventing them from being more physically active, so we are very excited to partner with Shoe Clinic to provide free shoes to these families,” said Amanda Rota, Green Prescription Active Families Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator, Sport Wellington.

“10-year old Montana Bezzett and mother Reeva Williams haven’t participated in Round the Bays before and are really looking forward to doing a family challenge together. Her son, 8-year old Caruso-Jake is also going to be doing it with them.”

Reeva’s goal is doing it and completing it – and finishing together. Reeva commented, “I’m looking forward to the having fun with the kids and being with other families participating. It’s also beautiful scenery!”

“Receiving the pairs of shoes means a lot to us. I guess for me it’s about the long-term goals, when you have the right tools, you can do more. We like to be outside a lot so having new shoes means that we can be active and feel comfortable.”

Green Prescription Active Families and Pre-school Active families receive referrals via GPs, practise nurses or at a B4 school check. The programmes are for families looking for healthy lifestyle support and who are ready to make changes, are concerned about their child’s weight, want support with their eating and physical activity habits, are Māori and Pasifika (prioritised support).

Participants in the Active Families programme are leading a healthier lifestyle by being more physically active in their community. Participating in local events like the Brendan Foot Supersite Round the Bays is a great example of putting the excuses aside and getting involved and just giving it a go.

-Press Release: Sport Wellington