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Free entry to Terracotta Warriors on Tuesday – for residents only

Wellington City residents will be able to enjoy a free visit to Te Papa’s Terracotta Warriors exhibition tomorrow.

To celebrate the City Council’s relationship with Te Papa, residents are eligible for free entry into the exhibition on Tuesday.

The free day will take place between 10am-9pm with the exhibition having a timed entry. The first 1-hour session starts at 10am, and the last is at 8pm (closing at 9pm). Tickets can only be collected on the day. In the past, free day has been extremely popular, and entry tickets go fast – so get in early.

Who is eligible?

The event is open to Wellington City residents to acknowledge Council’s support of Te Papa. Residents living in rental properties are also eligible for free entry. Hutt and Porirua residents are not eligible for a free ticket as they do not pay their rates to the Wellington City Council. Check out this map (PDF 340KB) for all the ward boundaries.

What do I need to bring on the day?

To gain entry you’ll need to bring in suitable proof that you are a Wellington City resident (like a bank statement or utilities bill with your name and address on it).

Where can I get tickets from?

Tickets can only be collected on the day and must be picked up in person. They will be available at the Level 2 info desk from 9am to 10am, and then from 10am onwards they will be available from the exhibition desk on Level 4.

Can I book tickets in advance?

There will be no pre-booking online. You may queue on the day and collect tickets for sessions later in the day. Tickets for evening and afternoon sessions are expected to go quickly. Each session is limited to 280 people. Each resident with ID is entitled to four free tickets.

Will other parts of the museum be open between 6pm-9pm on the day?

No, the rest of the museum will be closed at 6pm – just the Terracotta Warriors exhibition will remain open. The level 4 café will remain open until 8pm.

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