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Monopoly Wellington edition!

It has been a source of disputes among families for 80 years – Is anyone going to play Wellington Monopoly/cause arguments at the after-Christmas-dinner-family-get-together?

The Wellington version of the game has been around for a couple of years, but it has only just come to my attention as it’s currently on sale at Whitcoulls and I spotted it while looking for a Thai cooking book. According to the blurb on the back, the blue spots (the most sought after properties) in the Wellington version have been taken by Oriental Bay and Lambton Quay, replacing the prestigious Mayfair and Park Lane positions on the British version of the board.

Centreport made the cut as a property, but not the Bucket Fountain, and to the collective disappointment of its residents, Waniuomata missed out too – despite being one of the most popular votes from the public when the company put out its poll. Wellington Cable Car also missed out reportedly due to a reluctance to pay for a placement spot in the game.

The game’s blurb excitedly reads:

‘Wellington’s iconic sites and landmarks are immortalised in this edition of Wellington MONOPOLY and you can own them all!

The spirit and shape of this customised edition will remain the same as the traditional game, but now you will be able to buy and own your favourite Wellington suburbs and landmarks!

So locate your favourite Wellington hotspots and roll the dice to begin your property building empire in this new version of the classic MONOPOLY game!’

A hot tip from a Wellington player: “Never buy hotels. Buy up 4 houses on each property. You opponents will get locked out of the market because there are not enough houses. While this is not a nice thing to do, it works well as a tactic and a metaphor.”

The best review of the game we read was on Mighty Ape from Brenda, who wrote: “Bit strange. Some of the Poneke-ised cards don’t make sense. Like ‘Go shopping at Westfield Queensgate, collect $100’. Maybe it means they went shop lifting? Or ‘toot your horn in Mt Vic tunnel, collect $50’. Again, how? From the ghost perhaps?”