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Your high five events for Tuesday 30 October

This daily feature lists a selection of Wellington events accessible today for $20.00 or less. You may want to check previous entries for recurring events. And there are many more options in the What’s On, Active/To Do, and Community sections of The Wellington App.

After far too many full-moon weird-ass events in the real world, it behoves us to take solace in the movies of horror as we close in on Wednesday night’s Halloween festivities. Terror-Fi will touch down at the Roxy with the premiere of Suspiria before it opens on 8 November. but already playing is the same-titled sequel to John Carpenter’s slasher classic Halloween (R16; violence, offensive language & horror), and the savage, lurid and batshit insane Mandy (R18; violence, offensive language, drug use, sex scenes & content that may disturb), with two certifiably terrific performances by Andrea Riseborough and Linus Roache and one certifiable best-in-a-decade-possibly-more performance by the hardest-working star in showbiz, Nicolas Cage. But even that movie’s amazing lighting colour scheme (all added post-production, astounding the cast and crew) cannot compare to ultimate fireworks film Brimstone and Glory (PG; some scenes may disturb), an award-winning documentary that captures a Mexican city’s annual pyrotechnic festival from the brilliant team that brought you Beasts of the Southern Wild.

This afternoon from 4.00 to 5.00pm (and for the next two Tuesdays), the one-hour Wāhine Poetry Workshops continue at Zeal, Level 2, 103 Ghuznee Street. These series of free workshops for young women (13-18) who identify as female, will explore the art form of poetry, to build confidence, skills, and learn how poetry can empower wāhine. With guest speakers, free food and heaps of fun.

Jane Doe goes to a party, gets drunk, blacks out. She is raped. Jane Doe, the new (R16) play written and directed by Eleanor Bishop (Body Double, The Intricate Art of Actually Caring) features Karin McCracken (Body Double, Wine Lips) in a live and vital engagement with a real life court transcript that reflects on rape culture. Interwoven with frank and funny documentary footage with young people from across America, the UK and Aotearoa, Jane Doe is a revelatory and carefully crafted discussion on consent, feminism and sexual empowerment. It opens tonight at 6.30pm at BATS, 1 Kent Terrace, and runs to 3 November. Full price tickets are $22.00, with concession $16.00 and 6+ groups $15.00 each.

The Audio Foundation is pleased to announce a New Zealand tour by Evgeny Saryglar, one of the world masters of the Tuvan throat singing style Khöömei and Tuva’s leading player of the Igil, a two-stringed horse hair lute. Throat singing is one of the world’s oldest forms of music. In the grasslands of Tuva between Siberia and Mongolia – the land of herding, wrestling, horse riding, archery and shamanism – throat singing or Khöömei has been part of the traditional way of life for centuries. Evgeny Saryglar is a folk singer who began throat singing as an 11-year-old, herding animals with his grandfather in the summer pastures and winter valleys of his homeland. He is now the laureate of throat singing in Tuva, a member of the Tuvan National Orchestra, and a teacher, giving workshops on Tuvan throat singing and traditional instruments to students from all over the world. He will perform tonight and tomorrow at the Pyramid Club, 272 Taranaki Street from 8:00pm for the Tuvan price of NZ$20.00. Presale tickets available online.