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Help thyselves, sisters

Do you have a question or problem you are trying to solve professionally or personally? Are you a womxn*? Are you free next Thursday evening? Help a Sister Out may be what you need..

The second in a series of six monthly events, Help a Sister Out takes place next Thursday evening. Run by the Ace Lady Network, the series is an initiative from Angela Meyer and Anna Dean who run the Double Denim agency, and is running to the end of the year alongside their monthly speaker events.

Anna Dean says that the events are designed to put the ‘network’ into the Ace Lady Network in a radically generous way.

“These evenings are all about connecting with the network, getting to know each other and through some guided facilitation, bring your questions, suggestions, needs and talents to the Ace Ladies who you haven’t had a chance to meet yet.”

He content is participant-driven, with those attending asked to bring any issue, question or problem that they are trying to solve professionally or personally, and see if the assembled network can provide answers.

“Women are great connectors and love to help each other out,” says Dean.

Local fashion designer Adrienne Marsh attended the sold-out June event and described it as “awesome”.

“I went made some great connections and conversations and left the evening feeling motivated and inspired! Go along in July.”

Help a Sister Out runs from 5:30pm to 7:00pm on Thursday 19 July, and on the third Thursday of each month through to November.

The venue is Double Denim HQ, 110 Cuba Street. Tickets are $5.00, and bookings are encouraged to help the Ace Lady Network manage the limited attendance numbers.

Bookings available here for next week and others in the series :

(* The term “womxn” is being used within feminism to avoid using the suffix “-men” at the end of the term, and is favoured over the term “womyn” which has been associated with roots in transphobia.)