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Don’t mess with the cycle store

A 29-year-old man who entered a cycle store in Lower Hutt this afternoon demanding that the attendant open the till got more than he bargained for.

The man entered the store at 12.50pm, walking directly behind the counter and demanding that the staff member behind the counter open the till.

The staff member refused, and another staff member asked the man to leave the shop.

The man then punched this staff member, who was not injured.

Other members of staff quickly came to offer assistance and restrained the man. They then flagged down a passing police car.

Detective Sergeant Steve Wescott commended the quick-thinking of the staff involved for their actions, which has enabled police to apprehend the man, who was taken into custody and has been charged with demanding with menace and aggravated assault.

He is due to appear in Hutt District Court on 11 August.