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Do you want weekend parking charges?

Wellington City Council is proposing to introduce hourly parking fees in the city centre during the weekend, and to increase charges for parking coupons and permits. You have until Tuesday to have your say.

The Council proposes to introduce a two-tier hourly parking fee system on weekends in the city from 1 September.

It says that this should encourage higher turnover of parking spaces and allow more people to access the city. It will transfer the cost of maintaining city centre amenities from local businesses paying the Downtown Levy to those who use the parking spaces, reducing the need for rates increases.

A rate of $2:50 per hour would be applied in all areas that currently have a weekday rate of $3:00 or more, with a rate of $1:50 for areas charging less than that (see below).

A full-day weekend central city trade coupon would be introduced at a rate of $22:50.

Parking time limits remain unchanged.

A separate policy would increase charges for parking coupons and permits.

There is a proposed increase of a dollar to $7:50 daily public parking coupons, with an increase of $15 from the current $120:00 for monthly coupons, and a range of increases for trade coupons

A 12-month resident parking permit will increase from $115:00 to $126:50, and there are also increases for exemption, guesthouse and loading permits.

If you have strong views on any of these proposals, why not take 10 minutes over the weekend to send a submission to Council?

Submission deadlines for both proposals close at 5pm next Tuesday, 7 August.

You can find out more about the changes and how to make your submission here:—introduction-of-weekend-parking-fees

and here:—increase-in-parking-coupon-and-permit-charges