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Devilskin raise hell at The Hunter Lounge

At first you wonder how Devilskin can get better than opening their show by revving up a chainsaw and waving it around the stage like it was Halloween come early.

Next you ponder what the band could possibly do to improve on the blood red (fake) cleaver lead singer Jenny Skulander waved around her head like a rock ‘n roll protagonist in the latest slasher film.

And then when she pulled out a fire extinguisher and goes wild with that before the third song you really have to think hard about how Devilskin could possibly get better, or the last time you saw a band open in the way that these fine Kiwi rockers did.

Along with that wasn’t just one, not two but three of their biggest, loudest, most powerful hits back to back to back. It was an incredibly way to open a set and engage with an audience that sometimes appeared sedate while listening to head support Like A Storm.

Devilskin Wellington The Hunter Lounge Gig Review

Skulander isn’t just some prop wielding maniac trying to use smoke and mirrors to gloss over a lack of live ability, she’s an absolute titan on the stage and her voice was at its hair raising, breath taking best. Her vocal range is incredible and her delivery was gorgeous and rich and just made you want to give your soul to heavy music.

Devilskin are not just lead by their singer, and massive praise has to go to their sound engineer who had everyone’s instruments pin sharp and crystal clear. Tony Vincent on lead guitar, Paul Martin on bass and Nic Martin on drums all produced incredible performances – including Nic’s awesome drum solo half way through the set.

The drum solo is an underrated tool in the rock arsenal and Martin pulled it off to perfection as the crowd ranged between dead quick, stunned appreciation and wild applause. The only black mark was the unfortunate handling of some of the moshing crowd members by the bouncers, who ejected a few for not much.