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Theft from cars drops with preventative policing

Three years of intelligence-led and preventative policing has helped to reduce car crime in a Wellington city area by almost half.

Reports of theft from cars has dropped by 46 per cent in Te Aro compared to April 2015.

“A lot of work has been done around encouraging parking building owners to upgrade their lighting security systems and even having staff around to do physical checks,” said Wellington City Area Commander Chris Bensemann.

“If drivers use secure car parks and keep valuables out of sight they should be able to leave their vehicle and confidently go about their daily lives and enjoy all the events and venues our city has to offer,” said Inspector Bensemann.

Effective interventions and partnerships have been developed across all Police and are currently co-ordinated by two prevention co-ordinators.

“While Police do patrol in these areas regularly we encourage owners to keep vehicles safe by taking some very basic precautionary measures. And there are ways to do this without it costing too much,” said Sergeant Hamish Knight. “

Motorists using multi-storey car parks or even simply parking outside their houses on dark streets are urged to take valuables with them when leaving their vehicles.

“It’s vital to make sure technology such as phones and GPS navigation units are not left attached to the inside of windscreens.” said Acting Sergeant Raewyn Herrick.

“Offenders are targeting vehicles with valuables in plain sight, breaking windows, taking items in view and quickly leaving the scene. Despite the significant decrease in thefts over the last few years Police would still like you to lock your vehicle.

“To make it even safer you could purchase a steering lock car alarm or have vehicle immobiliser installed,” she added.