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Last day tomorrow for submissions on quake-prone ‘priority’ buildings

Submissions close at 5.00pm tomorrow, 23 November, for Wellington City Council’s consultation to identify priority earthquake-prone buildings.

Some priority buildings are identified by Government legislation and others by councils in consultation with their community.

The aim is to ensure the cities are safe for the public and can continue to operate following a damaging quake.

“The Council has to work with the community to identify other priority buildings that could fall onto busy traffic and emergency transport routes. It will be critical for these routes to remain open and not be blocked by falling masonry or risky buildings,” says Wellington Mayor Justin Lester.

“Such strengthening work also obviously makes it safer for the public during a quake. The Council is also investing in making the city’s infrastructure more resilient.”

The consultation also identifies roads the Council considers priority transport and emergency routes and asks Wellingtonians to give their opinion on those routes

To have your say go to the Council website

The proposed timeframe for consultation is:
23 November – written submissions close
6 December (scheduled) – oral hearings
February 2019 – City Strategy Committee considers submissions
March 2019 – Council decides whether to adopt the proposal
April 2019 –if adopted, the proposal will come into affect.