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Earthwork options prompt Brooklyn reservoir consultation

Residents of Brooklyn prepared to give up their Sunday morning can gather to hear about plans for a proposed ten million litre capacity water reservoir planned for installation in the Town Belt on Bell Road.

The  Moe-i-te-Ra fully covered water reservoir that Wellington Water plans to locate in the Town Belt on Bell Road is intended to enhance water supply resilience and replace ageing and vulnerable infrastructure.

It would supply Mount Cook and Te Aro residents, and provide backup supply to the Brooklyn.

In response to community concerns regarding earthworks traffic between the project site and the Landfills, Wellington Water has explored further options for stockpiling earthwork material generated by the proposed reservoir development.

This has resulted in an amended development proposal involving significant changes to how earthworks and traffic effects will be managed and will result in the removal of the Bell Road Gym.

Wellington Water has delayed the intended Town Belt application lodgement for the development to November.

This Sunday there is an opportunity for the community to hear about the plans. It is also a chance to let the project team know about the community’s values and its aspirations that need to be considered in the design of the overall development and specifically the Town Belt landscape remediation work around the site of the existing reservoir (pictured above) and the gym.

Concerned residents should gather at St Matthew’s Church in Washington Avenue from 10:00am on Sunday 16 September to hear Project Manager Mark Stanko talk about transport and stockpiling (11:00am), landscape architect Emma McRae (11.30am), and Matt Trlin on the Town Belt and RMA process (12:00pm).