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Takahē family now strolling at Zealandia

In between the bouts of wet weather, takahē parents Nio and Orbell have been spotted out on the lawn at Zealandia with their chick trailing after them.

At 17 days old, every day of life is a big achievement for the little takahē chick.

Zealandia are helping to ensure that sufficient resources are available to give the chick every opportunity of making it through its first two months of life.

Once this period is reached the chances of overall survival are a lot higher, and its appearance will begin to change, as it loses its black down feathers  to make way for the typical blue/green plumage.

The beak will change from white to black to red.

The Takahē Lawn at Zealandia will remain closed until further notice, to give the chick its best chance of survival.