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Cannabis club opening in historic Temperance building

Wellington’s historic Temperance building will once again open its doors to the public by housing the Cannabis Science Institute of New Zealand and Wellington’s first cannabis social club, The Daktory.

Cannabis clubs are popular around the world.

The Temperance building has long been associated with early development of Courtenay Place and the commercial and economic growth of Wellington. It is the goal of The Cannabis Science Institute to restore the community spirit and work together with professionals, leaders, and politicians to provide the research and education which the public needs in regards to cannabis. The Daktory will also be located on the premises, which will allow this former ‘house of hospitality’ to yet again open its doors, welcoming new members to join and have a safe space to consume their cannabis.

With the upcoming referendum happening in 2020, the Cannabis Science Institute has been established to campaign for the voices of those already in the cannabis community.

“The major opportunity for New Zealand here is to lead the way with this reform by opting for a community focused model, such as the model they are using in Uruguay” says Jeffery Hodgson, Chairman of the Cannabis Science Institute of New Zealand. “In order to do that we need to establish a regulation system that is designed and influenced by the existing cannabis community in New Zealand. The last thing we want is for overseas corporates to come in and monopolise this market, it should be something designed by the people, for the people, in accordance with the New Zealand government’s focus on Mental Health.”

Dakta Green, The Daktory Social Club says “we have members of our social club who are undergoing cancer treatments, and people who would rather have cannabis than alcohol. We welcome people from all backgrounds and walks of life to join us and unite in our desire to see cannabis become financially and physically accessible to all New Zealanders. We provide a safe space for people to consume, have a giggle and spend time with like-minded individuals. Moving to the Temperance building is a fantastic opportunity for our club and community. We look forward to collaborating with the Cannabis Science Institute to provide evidence based research and education.”

The official ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at The Temperance, 8 Cambridge Terrace, this Tuesday at 4pm. Members of the public and the press are welcome to join the celebration.

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