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Candlelight vigil in Te Ngākau Civic Square for Grace Millane

Wellingtonians are invited to gather in Te Ngākau Civic Square tonight from 7.00pm to express grief at the murder of British tourist Grace Millane and send her family a message of love.

The vigil will be held in solidarity with an Auckland event at the same time.

Organisers said on Facebook that “many of our gut reactions is to want to say this isn’t New Zealand, this isn’t us.

“And to some degree it isn’t – travelling women don’t often get murdered here – but New Zealand women do, most often in their homes. We can hold both these things as important as part of the vigil.”

The vigil will involve speakers and waiata, and participants are asked to bring their own candles (given Welington’s weather, a tealight in a paper cup is a good idea).