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DCM bookfair raises over $85,000

The 23rd annual Bookfair run by DCM last Saturday attracted over 5,300 people, and raised over $85,000. The final figure is to be confirmed.

DCM volunteers clean up after the bookfair. Photo by Huup Waagen.

The funds raised will go toward the work of DCM (formerly the Downtown Community Ministry) to end homelessness in Wellington.

Almost all the stock of donated books were sold. Some of the left over books will go to important causes such as Rotary’s regular donations to Pacific Island Schools.

Over 200 volunteers helped out on the day, and sorters for DCM worked for months to prepare for the Bookfair.

However, this year’s event may be the last.

The Wellington City Council-owned warehouse that DCM has been using at Shelly Bay will not be available next year – the 50th anniversary of DCM – as the area is being developed.

DCM has been unable to find a suitably located and sized substitute location to allow them to store and sort the thousands of donated books it receives in the months leading up to the fair.

The book fair has been held every year since 1996, when the DCM director of the time, Helen Walch, decided to hold a second-hand book fair as a fundraiser to engage volunteers and the community.

It has become the DCM’s biggest source of income, raising around $2 million over nearly a quarter-century.

The funds are used support around 1000 people every year who are experiencing homelessness.

If you’d like to be involved further with the work of DCM, please visit: