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Birds distressed or dying after being decorated with tinsel

The SPCA says birds are showing up in Wellington either distressed or dead after being decorated with tinsel, rings and other items.

The SPCA wants members of the public to come forward if they know anything about the decorated birds. Photo: SPCA

It has reported incidents involving about 30 non-native birds such as sparrows since 2015, but it has got worse during Christmas in the suburb of Kilbirnie.

The agency has posted on social media asking for whoever is decorating them to stop.

Its central region general manager, Ros Alsford, said many of the birds are malnourished, stressed, or have died.

“One of the birds we saw had tried to pry the decorations off with their beak and had got itself into an even worse situation,” she said.

The SPCA is asking whoever has been decorating the birds to stop. Photo: SPCA

Ros Alsford said the birds seem to be appearing around Salek and Te Whiti streets.

She wants the public to come forward if they know anything.