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Art auction tonight to raise funds for national music centre [updated]

The NZSO and Victoria University are running an art auction tonight to raise funds for the national music centre based around Wellington Town Hall.

Terry Stringer, Sea Sound, Like Violins (2018), bronze

Thirty works from artists such as Dick Frizzell, Shane Cotton, Jenny Doležel, John Walsh, Gretchen Albrecht, Elizabeth Thompson and Ans Westra will be auctioned tonight at the Grand Dining Room, Wellesley Boutique Hotel, 2-8 Maginnity Street. Drinks and refreshments will be available from 5:30pm, and the auction will commence at 6:45pm.

The auction is open to the public, and the catalogue is open to view online for download here.

The Art Auction will assist the fundraising efforts for the national music centre to be established in central Wellington, with the Wellington Town Hall at its heart.

The national music centre will provide a home for Victoria University’s New Zealand School of Music and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and is intended to be a community facility that will support public engagement, civic events and cultural diversity throughout Wellington and beyond.

It will offer the public access to music and the arts, with lunchtime concerts, public lectures, workshops, seminars and art displays.