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Whole lotto cloning going on

It’s pure serendipity that two of our posts today feature photos with one actor appearing twice.

In today’s High Five, it’s Anton Tennet from the film Mega Time Squad, whose time-travel antics lead to self-duplication. In The Lazarus Lottery by new Christchurch playwright James van Dyk, the actor is Ivana Palezevic (above), who plays Eve.

The Lazarus Lottery, a 2018 Adam NZ Play Award finalist, is set in the near future, where cloning technology is available but only through a random lottery restricted to the terminally ill.

Eve wins the lottery, getting her own clone grown; it will have all of her memories up until a month before she passes. Perfect transition? Probably not…

Palezevic is joined on stage by Alex Grieg, Greer Phillips, Ivana Palezevic, James Cain and Ralph Johnson), under the award-winning direction of Patrick Davies, and audiences have been enthusiastic: “Great story… exploring the ethics surrounding cloning” … “Really connected with the play and all the characters” … “Mind-blowing” … “10/10”.

The Lazarus Lottery finishes Saturday at BATS, and tickets are still available for its last three performances in BATS’ Heyday Dome (from 6:00pm for 90 minutes).