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Phoenix Foundation celebrate 20 years tonight with NZSO gig and collected works

The Phoenix Foundation and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra join forces tonight under the baton of NZSO Associate Conductor Hamish McKeich, marking 20 years since the popular band was founded in Wellington.

The NZSO and The Phoenix Foundation – Celebrate! concert at the Michael Fowler Centre from 7:30pm will also take place over the following days in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin.

The six-piece Phoenix Foundation will see its sound expand tenfold with the sixty-strong NZS0 partnering on songs that have been arranged by New Zealand Gareth Farr, Claire Cowan, Chris Gendall and Hamish Oliver in cooperation with the band.

To coincide with the concerts, a box set of recordings have been collected for release, from 2003’s Horsepower to 2015’s Give Up Your Dreams, and including the band’s other albums Pegasus, Happy Ending, Buffalo and Fandango, and the EPs Tom’s Lunch and Merry Kriskmass.

The Phoenix Foundation in rehearsal yesterday at the MFC