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Artfully remembering Mighty Mighty

An online collection of poster art recalls the glorious days of Wellington’s greatest 21st century bar.

Mighty Mighty, which took over a long, narrow first floor space in Cuba Street that used to house a Pakistani restaurant, was undeniably the best bar that Wellington has seen this century, and would also be a sitter for the All-Time Top Ten list.

From the opening night ceremony, which saw selected Wellingtonians arrive at a largely curtained-off venue to be blindfolded and ushered down the stairs to a Bucket Fountain for a semi-baptism, then given a keyring with access to the GCC and let back into the venue for a wild night, the fun never seemed to stop.

A Mighty Mighty GCC keyring

Who can forget the glorious staff, led by legendary co-owner Sally, the bands, the music, the smoking box, the quiz night, the parties with vodka slides – and the distinctive posters.

Many of the latter came from the designer brain of the multi-talented Geoff Stahl.

Now Programme Director Media Studies at the School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, the erstwhile Canadadian lists his research interests as “subcultures, scenes, art worlds, bohemias, popular music, cities, cultural spaces, semiotics, advertising, cultural economies, cultural geography, popular culture, creative/cultural labour, food”.

How Wellington is that? Unsurprisingly, his current research project is a cultural history of wine, coffee and craft beer in the capital.

These days, as well as educating young minds, he moonlights as a DJ, spinning his extensive collection of 45rpm recordings at various musical functions around the city and country as TV Disko.

That’s one of his links to Mighty Mighty; the other is the series of listings posters he designed for the club over a number of years.

He recently loaded some of these to Flickr as hi-resolution images. See a couple below. And remember more of the times here.