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5000 and counting – what’s up at The Wellington App

As we enter our third month, the team at The Wellington App are proud to announce that on Saturday we reached our first major milestone of 5000 downloads, more than doubling our download rate in our second month of operation.

We’d like to welcome everyone who’s joined our growing community, and say thanks to everyone who’s sent positive feedback about what we are doing.

Now looking forward to doubling that number. Then doubling that…. and so on….

With the growth of our sports coverage, we have added a separate Sports tab to the News section.

The new Magazine section, also tabbed within News, is collecting our longer, less time-sensitive stories to make it easier for readers to access our back catalogue.

Our daily High Five events news stories are proving popular with readers. These highlight a range of five events that are free or relatively inexpensive ($20 or under) and may not already be on your radar.

If you want to list your event for free on the App, you can do this here:

And if you’re a community organisation, you can enter your free listing here:

We are always keen to hear any ideas of what else you think we need to add to the App (for instance, we had a suggestion today that we need to start a Public Meetings list for bus consultation meetings and the like – good idea).

I’m hoping to hear from you on what we should be doing more of, less of, or better.

Drop me a line.

Mark Cubey, Editor

[email protected]