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Cat(s) of the Week

The fifth in a weekly series where we publish photographs of notable neighbourhood cats. Send photo submissions, and information to [email protected]

Cats for the week of 24-31 September

Name: Uncle Junior (at the back) and Svetlana. They are on Instagram as @corradoandsvetlana
Owner’s name: Bec
Area: Naenae
Age: 1 year and 1 week old
Breed: Uncle Junior is a Devon Rex, and Svetlana is a moggy with no tail (perhaps some Manx in there?)
Character:  Uncle Junior is a real cuddle monster, loves anyone with a beard, and will chill on your shoulder for a better view. Svetlana is a real sassy gal and sits on Bec’s head in the morning if she doesn’t feed her in time. She goes nuts for milk bottle lids.
Best feature: Their love for each other
Worst feature: Playfighting on the bed at 3:00am
Favourite food: Greenies cat treats
History: Svetlana is from the wonderful Outpawed cat rescue; her mum was just a kitten herself when she had her litter. Uncle Junior has had a lot of vet visits in his first year of life – he has hip dysplasia which made it hard for him to walk for a while, but now once a week he sees a physiotherapist who walks him on a water treadmill which has strengthened his muscles and fixed him right up!