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Cat of the Week

The fourth in a weekly series where we publish a photograph of a notable neighbourhood cat. Send your photo submissions, and the necessary information (below), to [email protected]

Cat for the week of 17-23 September

Name: C A T
Owner’s name: Kelly
Suburb: Carterton
Age: 4
Breed: Tabby
Character: Hmmm yes she is 🙂
Best feature: Her attitude
Worst feature: Her attitude
Favourite food: Chicken or rabbit (she catches rabbits regularly)
History: She showed up when we moved into our house three years ago and has never left. Not long after she adopted us she went missing for three days. I came home from work one afternoon and she dragged herself towards me. Urgent vet visit required! She had severed the ligament in her back leg (the one that’s sticking out in the picture). We were given three choices: euthanasia, amputation or attempted repair. It’s obvious what option was chosen! Her leg won’t bend but it certainly hasn’t slowed her down.