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Drivers reach provisional settlement with NZ Bus

The Tramways Union has reached a provisional settlement with New Zealand Bus. Tramways Union Secretary Kevin O’Sullivan says the settlement will be put to the union members for ratification on Friday 19 October. He said the union negotiators will recommend that the settlement be accepted.

Report by Roy Murphy from Wellington.Scoop

The NZ Bus agreement “is a really good settlement,” O’Sullivan said, “It gave us practically everything that we asked for.”

He said over the next two years the drivers will get a four per cent pay rise. He said more important than that was that the settlement includes an extra week’s holiday, a shift allowance and a bargaining process agreement.

The union is using this settlement as the bottom line for any agreement with the other bus operators in Wellington. NZ Bus now has 28 per cent of the routes in Wellington, while Tranzit has more than 60 per cent of the business.

Tranzit has asked that negotiations be reconvened.

“That’s fine by us,” said O’Sullivan. “We’ve been asking for that for months.”

Tranzit will meet the union next Thursday. The planned drivers’ strike is due to start the week following, but if Tranzit signals that it will meet the baseline just established, the strike will be postponed while negotiations continue.

The meeting with Tranzit will be discussed at the stop work meeting set for Friday next week when the union will vote on ratification of the NZ Bus deal.

The government is also weighing in. It has reconvened its committee on transport and infrastructure to meet on Thursday 25 October.