Blog: Work and family balance

This month I am going to change what I would normally write about, and talk about a subject that I believe every successful professional person struggles with in today’s fast-paced world. by James Copeland Recently I have been faced with a very unfamiliar situation that revolves around the loss or passing of a loved one. …

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Listen to Rhian Sheehan on the Sweetman Podcast

Rhian Sheehan is a musician whose work includes a series of studio albums, soundtracks to soundtracks to TV, short film, documentary and feature-length movies, video games and even a theme-park ride. He has just released his new album, A Quiet Divide, and opens a special series of shows across New Zealand, transforming venues into spectacles …

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#whyWellington: a lost pannier, recovered

A tale of honest and lovely Wellington, via Twitter:  

Cat of the Week

The first in a new weekly series where we publish a photograph of a notable neighbourhood cat. Send your photo submissions, and the necessary information (below), to [email protected] Cat for the week of 27 August – 2 September Name: Bubbles Owner’s name: Arnel Suburb: Brooklyn Age: Six Breed: Domestic Character: Spy Best feature: White paws …

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